Our kitchen

Our hotel complex 'Sluneční Dvůr' (Sunny Yard) consists of several aspects; you can visit the restaurant, grill bar and dining room. They are different to each other but have one thing in common: namely the preparation of excellent dishes with the emphasis on freshness, high quality and originality. None of the aforementioned aspects have any priority over the others; each of them has the same meaning for us and we always want to provide our customers with great dishes.

We now use the most modern equipment for our cooking after a complete renovation of the kitchen; it is tailor-made for the aforementioned aspects and culinary procedures. For example, food preparation with the method called 'Sous Vide' is standard for us; doing this, we keep the maximum quality, taste, juiciness and texture. It takes several hours to prepare meat, vegetables or sauces in such ways. It is also essential to keep our food in fresh condition, which we achieve by the processes of vacuuming and shock cooling.

In the restaurant, we focus on preparing high-quality and modern gastronomy in more complex and time-consuming versions, including Czech cuisine in a new concept. We combine and respect traditional recipes together with modern ones. Most dishes are also gluten-free, which supports our philosophy. With good food, we also offer excellent wines from both local and foreign wineries, as well as great rums and many other beverages.



The grill bar will be appreciated by visitors who like enjoying simpler and more traditional dishes prepared specially on the grill, as well as those which are good together with beer, such as pork ribs, knuckles, burgers and also other small foods, such as homemade chips, grilled Hermelin cheese, snag sausages, etc. Beer is mentioned here above due to the fact that it is our priority. Here you can enjoy several types of beer, including those from smaller local breweries.


Our dining room is not the traditional dining room you may be thinking of. It is rather a lunch self-service bistro which is open on business weekdays. Here we prepare traditional ready meals, short order steaks, fresh homemade pasta or salads which you yourself can mix using the salad bar. There are also various kinds of drinks and desserts.

Among other things, we prepare various banquets or dinners for various events in our premises, where we can create a tailor-made menu together with you. In addition to classical serving, we can provide you with a 'live' grilling party right in front of your guests' eyes.

We look forward to you coming to verify our words!

On behalf of the whole kitchen:

Mr. Robert Škvarek, Chef